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WildLife – The Indian Perspective

As a source of one of the most diversified wildlife and natural resources in the world - India stands firm with its reputation of having one of the most spectacular natural beauties along its lands. The Himalayas, Thar Desert, tropical rainforests of Assam, West Bengal, Uttaranchal all have wild life diversification to such a large extent that if you are wildlife frantic you can hardly ever finish exploring this amazing land.There is a huge variety of wildlife in India. Numerous wildlife sanctuaries, Bird Parks, national Parks and restricted forests lies within the country - where you can have your life’s most delightful encounters with wild animals.Mammals.

There are large scale Safari Tours and other sorts of packaged tours which might enable you to explore the wildlife of India from a very close proximity. As most of the safari tours uses motor vehicle as the mode of exploration there are fascinating tours over elephants or even camels . The mode of the explorations depends on where and how within India you want to explore. The contrasts of the wildlife in the many tropical rain forests are massive. For a closer look special package tours might be arranged which might sometimes include exploring the rain forests by means of boat and other sorts of treacherous mode of transportation.Reptiles.

  The rainforest of Sundar-Ban the place for the royal Bengal tigers can be explored by special permission from the Rangers and can be the most fascinating wildlife tours your life. If you’re lucky you can have a firsthand experience with the most fearsome tigers in the world and the most beautiful bears you’ll ever see. Unlimited variation of birds, plantations and other alligators are often seen in the many secured sanctuaries within the country.
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