Three White Tiger Cubs for Visitors Display in Zoo


(Photo courtesy: The Hindu)

Three white tiger cubs (2 females and one male) of 3 months old borne  to 10-year old female white tiger Anu on  was released for visitors display in Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur on 24th July,2014. These tiger were christened as Meera, Thara and Bheema by the Tamil Nadu Chief minister, Dr.J.Jayalalitha.

The cubs are being allowed to spend the time from morning till 2 p.m. in the open-moated enclosures.

They will not be allowed to mingle with their father, as the male could attack the cubs, resulting in their death.




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Mid-air Bizarre: Crocodile killed 19 Persons



There was a mid air bizarre on October-2010 due to the escape of a crocodile from the sports bag in the air craft immediately after its start. All the 18 members including the pilot died during this crash except one who narrated this story.

The plane smashed into an empty house just a few hundred metres from its destination.

“The crocodile survived the crash before being cut up with a machete.”

The plane was a Czech-made Let L-410 Turbolet, one of more than 1,100 produced as short-range transport aircraft and used mainly for passenger services.

$1.7 million Grants for Wetland and Wildlife Conservation

The Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program, a wildlife conservation programme  – which is administered by The Nature Conservancy in collaboration with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – announced awards totaling more than $1.2 million to help restore, enhance or preserve wetlands and other important habitats at 12 project sites around the state.

For details and download the application, please visit the following link $1.7 million Grants.


US Scientists Created Rat’s Beating Heart

The scientists of Minnesota University reported success in creating a beating rat heart in laboratory. “You can make any organ” has become as a new notion. Scientists created limbs, fingers, etc in the past confirmed that the dream of creating human heart may be achieved within 10 years.


Give nature the tools, and get out the way. We just took nature’s own building blocks to build a new organ“- said Dr. Doric. A.Taylor, head of the team that created the rat heart.

The Procedure

The scientists removed all the cells from a dead rat heart, without touching the outer structure and valves as scaffolding for new heart cells harvested from newborn rats. These new heart cells injected into the dead rat heart skeleton.

Within couple of weeks, the dead heart beats that pumped a small amount of blood and conducted electrical impulses.

In similar fashion, the dead human heart can be made to beat using stem cells from a patients bone marrow and placing them in a cadaver heart that has been prepared as a scaffold.

The success in building rat heart paves way for building other visceral organs of a human body including pancreas, lungs, liver and kidney.

So, gone are the days of searching a by-pass surgeon to made your heart perfect from ischemic. I think days are not too far to build a human’s beating heart.


Monkey Marriage: The Royal Wedding

In china, a special wedding ceremony at a zoo in Wenling, Zhejiang province, was conducted between two monkeys on September 4, 2008 by the zoo authorities hoping to attract more visitors.

A 6-year-old female monkey named Xiaoya was the bride and a 7-year old make monkey named Wukong (R) was the bride-groom.

The male monkey look so proud of himself.

What a Stuffy Bridegroom!!!monkey-marriage

Go wild this summer:Best Summer Camp in Palm Beach County


Wanna go wild this summer at at Palm Beach Zoo for wildlife conservation? If so, visit Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society during the Best Summer Camp in Palm Beach County.  South Florida Parenting Magazine’s readers voted last two years summer camp as best. 

Your kids can get close animal encounters, and animal exhibit visits during the camp. The theme varies for every week from  zoo keeping activities, behind-the-scenes tours, scavenger hunts, enriching conservation education activities and interactive fountain time.

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Gray Wolf Lifted from Endangered List

Until Wednesday (4-05-2011) Gray wolves are listed as endangered throughout the United States. Now, US removes Gray Wolf from endangered list owing to the fact that they have bred like anything and causing menace to the human as well as domestic animals. The gray wolf plays a vital role in the health and proper functioning of ecosystems. This successful comeback in some of its former habitat due to strong conservation efforts. Although conservationists are worrying about this act of Obama’s government. But the happy news is that efforts to ensure the gray wolf did not go extinct have been successful.At present, 5,500 wolves living in eight states in the Northern Rockies. The sad news is that the hunters are behind the wolves before the ink dry.

International observation of World Save the Frog Day

Source: Hueiyen News Service

People for Animal (PFA), Thoubal launched a mega wildlife awareness campaign at Chandel district, Manipur state, India  on April 26 to mark the World Save the Frog day.  Forest Department of Govt. of Manipur sponsored this campaign. 

The students were sensitized on the need for conserving wildlife. As a mark to save frogs, a unique traditional drum show “drumming for wildlife” was performed at Japhou Market.

As part of wildlife conservation, PFA played a major role in saving frogs.


Workshop Announcement: Building Capacity In Conducting Cetacean Abundance Surveys In South East Asia


Six scholarships to attend this workshop will be given to ASEAN country members who show a commitment to continue marine mammal research in their own respective countries. The workshop will include classroom lectures, field training and surveys and data analysis. Topics studied will include interview surveys and monitoring programmess, cetacean identification, line transect methods and photo-identification. Principal trainers are Louella Dolar, Leela Rajamani and Bill Perrin.

Interested applicants are advised to send a covering letter, CV and the contact details of two references before May 10th, 2013 via email to Dr.Leela Rajamani The scholarship includes a return airfare from the current country of residence, local travel , food and accommodation at CEMACS. This workshop can accommodate upto 12 participants. Non-scholarship participants will need to pay a registration fee of RM 500 (approx. US166), accomodation and food (at reasonable prices) available at CEMACS.

CEMACS is a field station located at Northwest Penang, Malaysia close to the small town of Teluk Bahang in Penang National Park. Access to the field station is via the university boat or a 30 minute jungle trek along the beach.