New Director, Facelift for VOC park mini zoo, Coimbatore

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As Central Zoo Authority, New Delhi ordered the State government of Tamil Nadu to shift the Coimbatore zoo from a thickly populated environment to forest simulative environment. This dream will come true for the environmentalists as the work for shifting the zoo will be within few months as new Director, Dr. Rajarajan had taken charge.

Dr.Rajarajan, 1987-93 batch B.V.Sc., graduate from Madras Veterinary college served the animal husbandry department for more than decade and was deputed from their parent department to take charge as Zoo Director.

Due to this action of appointing a new Zoo Director, VOC Park mini zoo got a fresh lease of life. Hope the VOC park will be shifted to an area of more than 100 acres and harbouring more precious animals and a proposal to start a mini aviary just like that of Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Hats off to the New Zoo Director!!! Welcome to Kovai!!!

Do you know a mammal with no patella?


Patella is a small sesamoid bone that articulates with the femur and covers the knee joint. In general, patella is absent in whales or most reptiles and amphibians such as snakes or frogs. But the absence of patella in a well-grown mammal is really a news for the zoologist.

Yes!!!  Patella is absent in red kangaroo and two wallaby species (family Macropodidae).

In its place is a fibrocartilage pad, located in the tendon of the quadriceps femoris muscle. This structure is visible grossly, is palpable, and has the form normally expected of a bony patella.


Holladay, S. D., Smith, B. J., Smallwood, J. E. and Hudson, L. C. (1990), Absence of an osseous patella and other observations in Macropodidae stifle. Anat. Rec., 226: 112–114. doi: 10.1002/ar.1092260113


Why sloth bears are having more hairs all over the body?

In general, Sloth bears are living in hot and humid climatic area such as India, Sri lanka and Nepal. They don’t even hibernate because there’s never any snow, so there is no need for a long, winter nap.

Sloth bears are nocturnal in nature. Sloth bears love honey! They usually climb trees with beehive and knock the hives down to the ground. Once the bees leave, the honey is free for the taking. They are having more hairs in their body to get rid of stings of bees. Bears have thick fur and it is hard for bees to get to the skin. Even when they do, bears are so tough they don’t even care.

Barren Land turned into Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife sanctuary-Koduku

It is really amazing to see the hard work of Dr. A.K. Malhotra and Pamela Malhotra, the Non-resident Indians who turned 55 acres of barren land into evergreen wildlife sanctuary within 25 years, as a part of wildlife conservation in India. The story runs like this…

Dr.A.K. Malhotra and Pamela bought 55 acres of useless land from different farmers of south India-Karnataka state. They planted new tree saplings and diverted water from natural river flowing through their land.

Now, this barren land is turned into 300 acres of wildlife sanctuary which now harbors varied species ranging from mighty elephant to Royal Bengal tiger.

Several cameras are installed across the sanctuary to identify new animals and keep a track on poachers.

Most of us think that animals need forest. But the truth is, the forest needs the animals equally. While the forest helps animals in providing shelter and food, animals help forests in regeneration .  This story is another feather in the wildlife conservation cap.

See more at – “The Couple Who Bought Barren Land In 1991 And Transformed It Into A 300 Acre Wildlife Sanctuary

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions Training Courses 2015

Are you interested in Zoo and wildlife solutions training courses 2015?

Practical Implementation of  the Zoo Licensing
For Local Authority Officers and Zoo Professionals
3rd and 4th March at Twycross Zoo.
£125 +VAT for BIAZA Members and £150 +VAT for Non- Members
This training course will provide participants with a full understanding of zoo licensing. The course describes the law and what is required by licensed zoos, explains the licensing and enforcement process and provides in depth insight into what inspectors are looking for and how to prove your zoo complies with the requirements of the Secretary of Sates Standards of Modern Zoo Practice. This is a highly interactive course based on small group exercises and practical tasks in the zoo.

Cull Wild Pig: Wildlife Experts

A 47-year-old man was killed on Monday when his car collided with a wild boar that had strayed on to the M4 motorway near Swindon.

Questions are now being raised over where the animal came from, with some experts blaming wild populations in the Forest of Dean and the Quantocks area of Somerset – though others believe it likely escaped from captivity nearby, as a wild boar has not been spotted in Wiltshire since 2009.

Wildlife experts are calling for more wide-reaching culls for wild boar to be considered after the animals were this week blamed for a fatal motorway accident and wreaking havoc in parts of the countryside.

Wildlife rescue centre wants your Christmas trees

Volunteers with the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation are hoping southern Albertans will donate their unwanted Christmas trees and wreaths to help comfort injured birds and animals.

“We’re a non-profit organization and what we do is take in injured or orphaned wildlife that the public finds,” said Shannon Toy, a part-time staff member. “We rehabilitate them whether that’s through medication or simple cage rest and then we release them back into the wild.”

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